Our commitment to quality excellence is a core value of S&J. Our operations have a full ISO 9001 and GMP accreditation, which we believe reflects our strong commitment to setting the highest standards for product quality and safety. These high standards of cleanliness and on-line quality control ensures excellent product conformance at all times. Environmental controls maintain S&J’s pledge of producing the right quality product with a competitive price and on-time delivery. These key commitments of continuous quality control, ensures that each employee is dedicated to their work. It provides flexibility and can therefore cater to customer expectations efficiently. Quality and reliability help provide our customers with a competitive advantage by building consumer trust with their brands.


Protection of the environment and natural resources are amongst the most significant of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. Instilling ethical business practice and combining honesty with integrity, we focus on the community and the environment by contributing to social causes. Examples of this include the animal conservation that helps sick elephants and reforestation and plantation whilst reducing the production of carbon dioxide and increasing recycling. We also give back to neighbouring communities through various activities and events.
We are proud to announce we have received many awards and certificates to back up their contributions such as “Fair Trade Certification” from Flo-Cert. We were also the first cosmetics manufacturing company in Thailand to receive the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR-DIW) which is given by the Ministry of Industry in Thailand to the company who significantly contributes to CSR activity.